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If you are interested in receiving any of our current titles, please complete the form and return it to us as soon as possible.

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Dear Dharma Friends,

Namo Amitabha !!
Greetings from
"the Buddha Educational Foundation"
in Taiwan.

We are a Buddhist Foundation based in Taipei city, Taiwan. For many years, we have been printing Dharma books, which we distribute free of charge to interested individuals and organizations all over the world. Although the majority of these Dharma material are printed or recorded in Chinese, we also offer a selection of material in English, Tibetan, French, Hindi and other languages.

If you are interested in receiving any of our current titles, please complete the relevant request form (Small Quantity : submits it only Online. Large Quantity submit it by Fax, Air mail or E-mail).

Furthermore, we would be grateful if you could send this information and request form to other Dharma friends or Buddhist organizations that might be interested in receiving our Dharma publications and recorded teachings..

  • The Dharma books and other material will be send according to the availability of stock.

  • It would be greatly appreciated if you can put information regarding our service in your newsletters, publications, TV productions and web sites. This will help an even greater number of people have access to our free material.

  • Please inform us of any changes in your address, telephone and fax numberr or e-mail address.

  • Finally, please note that all our material is strictly for free distribution. Under no circumstances can it be sold!
Homage to Amitabha Buddha!

With esteemed regards we remain
Yours in the Dharma,
The Corporate Body of the Buddha Educational Foundation

~May every living being, drowning and adrift, soon return to the Land of Limitless Light!~
I vow that when my life approaches its end, all obstructions will be swept away;
I will see Amitabha and be born in his Land of Ultimate Bliss and Peace.
Reply with your request.
Please refer to the information below and reply to us.
Fax: +886-2-2391-3415
Air Mail: 11F, No.55, Hang Chow South Road, Sec. 1, Taipei City, Taiwan. (post code: 100)

    Due to the great amount of orders that we receive and also because all material is sent by sea and land mail, please allow between two and four months from the date of your order for the material to be delivered

Q: Which form should I choose ─ Small or Large Quantity?
    Small quantities of books will be sent by sea mail through the post office. Large quantities, where possible, will be dispatched through a shipping agency. If you are considering a large order, please complete the questions below:
1.) Are you in a position to clear customs from a designated sea port※? (Yes / No)
※ Depending on the country, clearing customs may involve payment of taxes or other miscellaneous charges. Before checking "Yes", please ensure that you are aware of these costs and that you will be able to meet them.
2.) If you have checked "Yes", what is your nearest and most convenient sea port?
※※ This is very important:
Before ordering any material in bulk, please consult with your local port custom's authority regarding the requirements for our books etc to clear customs. Only when this process has been clearly understood and you are absolutely sure that you can meet these requirements should you check "yes" in question one. I emphasize, this is very important!
Method of donation
Our organization is a non-profit government registered education and information foundation - supported by donations only. If you wish to make an donation by cheque, money or credit card via ordinary mail or fax, then please use our manual donation form.
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