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Title Speaker / Author type pieces
• 108 talks [T039B] Luang Por Sumedho MP3 1
• How To Find Guru And Be Student [T012N] Dzongasr Khyentse Rinpoche MP3 1
The Way Of Clarity (Perth - Sep. 2006) [T038Z] Patrick Kearney MP3 1
Samadhi Bhavana -- The Developing Of Meditation [TI001113] Mediation Instructions by Ven. Ajahn Anan Akincano VCD 1
•A Pictoral Biography of Sakyamuni Buddha [TI000496] Gunapayuta DVD5 1
(斯里蘭卡文/巴利文:開示、課誦) [T024B]
Ven. Kudagala Kovida MP3 1
•Dharma Talks (1 ~ 4) Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda ... MP3 4
(1 set)

Dharma Talks (Disc 1 ~ 4)

Apply unit is 1 set; one disc is not accept. Thess files can download on [Downloads/Dharma Talks] (申請光碟請以一套為單位, 恕不單片結緣。內容可下載收聽, 請至以上連結)
Disc 1 Speaker: Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda
No. Contents
T0345 What Is Karma?("業"是什麼?)
T0346 Buddhist Concept Of Heaven And Hell.(佛教對天堂和地獄的觀點)
T0347 Buddhism And Other Religions.(佛教與其它宗教.)
T0348 What Is Buddhism?(什麼是佛教?)
T0349 The Origin Of The World.(世界的起源.)
T0350 The Origin Of Life.(生命的起源.)
T0351 Religion Of Freedom.(自在的宗教.)
T0352 How To? Practice? Buddhism?(如何實踐佛法)
T0353 Is There Any Purpose In This Life?(人生有何目的?)
T0354 Human Problems.(人類的問題.)
T0355 The Coming Of The Next Buddha.(下一尊佛的降生.)
T0356 Flower Of Mankind.(人中之花)
T0357 Kamma And Rebirth.(業與輪迴)
T0358 Buddhist Attitude Towards Women.(佛教對女眾的態度)
T0359 Modern Challenge To Buddhism.(佛教所面臨的現代挑戰.)
T0360 Is It Wrong To? Be Ambitious?(企圖心是錯誤的嗎?)
T0361 Why Buddhism?(為什麼要學佛?)
T0362 What Is Nibbana?(什麼是涅槃?)
T0363 Why Meditation?(為什麼要靜坐?)
Disc 2    
No. Contents Speaker
T0364 Are Buddhists Idol? Worshipers?(佛教徒是偶像崇拜者嗎?) Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda
T0365 Meaning Of Buddhist Symbols.(佛教象徵的意義.) Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda
T0366 Buddha,God And Reality.(佛陀.神和真理) Sangharakshi
T0367 The Search For Ultimate? Truth.(究竟真理的追尋) Ven. Mahinda
T0368 Can One Attain Nibbana In This Life?(人是否能當生證得涅槃.) Aleks Robofs
T0558 Living Buddhism I Rev. Chin Kung
T0559 A Path To True Happiness Rev. Chin Kung
T0560 To Understand Buddha`S Teaching Rev. Chin Kung
T0561 Talks Given At The 1993 Seven-Day Buddha Recitation Session In Dallas,Texas Rev. Chin Kung
T0663 Meditation(靜坐) Ven.Bhikkhu Suunanda
T0664 Theravada And Mahayana(南傳佛法與大乘佛法) Ven.Bhikkhu Suunanda
Disc 3 Speaker: Bhikkhu Bodhi
No. Contents
T0717 The Buddha
T0718 The Four Noble Truths
T0719 The True Nature Of Existence
T0720 Dependent Arising
T0721 Rebirth And Kamma
T0722 Nibbana
T0723 The Noble Eightfold Path
T0724 Meditation
T0725 The Social Teachings Of The Buddha
Disc 4 Speaker: Khekpo Chuk Wa
No. Contents
T0737 Four Ordinary Foundations(1996.Winter)
T0738 Taking Refuge From Buddha , Dharma? And Sangha(1996.Winter)
T0739 Intension For Altrism(1996.Winter)
T0740 Accumulate Merit Through Offering(1996.Winter)
T0741 The Practice Of Purification(1996.Winter)
T0742 Seven Branchs Prayer(1996.Winter)
T0743 Guru Yoga Practice(1996.Winter)
T0744 The Transference Of Consciousness-Powa Practice(1996.Winter)

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